Cowhide Leather

Colorful Cow-Extensive Stock, Immediate Service in Several Finishes undoubtedly one of the best Foreign Market Price Quality.

Italian Beef Leather

We are Dealers in Spain of Conceria Emmedue, S.R.L.

Suede leather

Plus over 50 Colors in Stock Permanente, Service 24/48 hours.

Cow skins

Vegetable and Mixed Colors, Stock Permanent and Immediate Service.


Aniline Finish.

Goat Skins

Finished with Cera, Aniline.


Colors in Stock, fast service.

Fancy articles

Finishes on Cattle and goat skins (different thicknesses). from 0.7/0.9 to 1.6/1.8 mm. Following the Latest Fashion Trends.